Data on C.P.R. from ancient times to modern times…

History of C.P.R.
The evolution and refinement of C.P.R. with passage of time is very interesting. Let us have a look…
In the year
3100 B.C., a very first attempt was made to make dead alive.
1700 A.C. and beyond…
Paris Academy officially allowed mouth to mouth breathing to drowning victims.
1890 Dr. Friendrich performed chest compression.
1904 Closed chest compression by George
1950 Electrical defibrillation of heart started. The idea was to restart the heart in a regular way which is otherwise fluttering in nature!
1954 Dr. James Elam proved that expired air into the dead was useful.
1957 The U.S. military adopted mouth to mouth respiration to unresponsive victims.
1960 The frantic efforts to develop C.P.R. finally got satisfaction and approval by A.H.A. American Heart Association started programme of teaching C.P.R. to physicians and public. The skill of chest compressions developed.
1963 In United States, American Heart Association’s committee was formed & American Heart association ENDORSED C.P.R.
1972 Leonard Cobb arranged for training of 1 lakh people, the art of C.P.R. in U.S.A.
1973 National conference in U.S.A. on C.P.R.
1979 Advanced life support system developed.
1980 Telephonic instructions to the First aider on how to perform C.P.R. started at Washington. Now in U.S.A. all throughout network.
1983 AHA announced different techniques for children.
1990 Defibrillation (of heart) programmes commenced for public in U.S.A.
2005 AHA developed family C.P.R. kit. In 20 minutes you can learn C.P.R.
2008 AHA announces “Hands only” C.P.R.

C.P.R. – I
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is an immediate step or action taken by a first aider on a victim who is “dead”. Death is defined as a situation in which a victim would not respond to a stimulus and who neither breathes nor his heart functions any more. Sometimes it may happen that there is no response and only one of them is still functioning i.e. either breathing or the heart. In either case however C.P.R. has to be given as early as possible to re-start & continue blood & Oxygen supply to the brain. If not done so with passage of time even the Brain, the ‘head quarter’ of body too will die!

Dr. Tushar Vaishnav,
M.B.B.S., M.S., C.I.H, B.Hyp., a recognized faculty of St. John Ambulance International – Indian Red Cross Society, industrial consultant, promoter of C.P.R. in community & industries, mental – physical health counselor, has been teaching the art of C.P.R. to hundreds of trainees since 2 ½ years in Gujarat & also India.
He has attended a training held by American Heart Association with the title, CPR and AED training programme held at Sterling Hospital, Vadodara, India.
C.P.R. in other words is a lifesaving or BLS (Basic life support ) given to the victim to buy time to your loved one or a dead one until professional help can arrive, by artificially circulating oxygen (mouth to mouth breathing) & circulating blood especially to brain by pumping on area of heart ( chest ) in a rhythmic, biological & scientific way.

Once again coming to CPR,
C=Cardio = Heart
P= Pulmonary =Lungs
R =Resuscitation =to bring back to life
A process of re-starting the action of heart &lungs.
C.P.R may become necessary in events of massive heart attack, head injury, toxic gas exposure, drowning, snake bite, drug overdose, and severe emotional shock etc.etc.
The trainer is using PPTS, videos, theory& practical on manikin to make the training interesting & interactive and live-like.
The training session is followed by a questionnaire to be answered by the trainees to evaluate the understanding of them.


The history & evaluation of C.P.R is breath taking.
Human race came into existence on earth since 30 lack years. Our fore fathers were wondering why a human being becomes lifeless. Why he cannot be made to become alive?
What is the difference between life & death?
They found that a dead man becomes cold, speechless, sensationless. motionless, has no more breathing and working of heart. They wanted to find the missing link between the “dead”& alive! andthey discovered that there were two signs missing. The circulation &breathing!


The real significant development is only during past 70 years. However, the attempt to give life to dead is known to us and is recorded to 5000 years ago, in fact 5000 years B.C. !
The fact is, in the earlier ancient times, death was revered. God was feared. Even an attempt to reverse death was considered blasphemous.
The human race knew that with death, respiration stops, heart becomes functionless, body becomes colder.
They were enthusiastic enough to warm the dead body by pushing hot air into mouth through a funnel held over fire. They were experimental enough to send smoke of tobacco to the dead from the rear end!.
They again put the dead body on wine drums & rolled the dead body over the drum back & forth to simulate respiration. They even hanged the body upside down and flogged it! They tried putting the body on horseback & made the horse run to encourage respiration.


C.P.R – II
In the old testament of Bible it is quoted, 800 B.C., Prophet Elisha has been mentioned as follows,
“ And when Elisha was come into house, behold the child was dead, and laid upon the bed….. He went up, and lay upon the child and put his mouth upon his mouth… & the flesh of the child waxed warm…and the child opened his eyes. Ref: (Kings 4: 34 – 35)
Shakespeare also said “Oh that I could call these dead to life!”
Hippocrates ( 460 B.C.) opined “a cannula should be put along the jaw bone so that air would go in lungs.”
In 500 AD people realized that the body became cold when it became lifeless & that the heart & breathing stopped. The others were adventurous enough to therefore warm the dead body & start artificial breathing by way of mouth to mouth breathing with a lip lock & also pressure on chest in the area of heart.

The attempts indeed were persistent & consistent. Similar to wright brothers who invented aero plane when people were just discouraging them & commenting totally negative & against such a probability.