Dr. Tushar Vaishnav

(M.B.B.S.,M.S.,(eye),C.I.H., B. Hypnosis )

 Eye surgeon, Industrial consultant, First Aid and C.P.R. Trainer, Health counselor

  1. Eye Health Reports. Distant vision, near vision, Color vision….perimeter for peripheral vision and tests for binocular vision (three dimensional vision) Providing glasses (spectacles) on the spot at subsidized rates. (Voluntary).
  2. Dedicated and sincere visiting factory Medical officer with C.I.H degree
  3. Help-prepare & complete form.no.33 (pre-employment check up)
  4. Help-prepare & complete form.no.32 (Periodic medical checkup) – we have complete & self-dependent infrastructure in the form of experienced staff, laboratory for testing of blood, urine, tools for spirometer, audiometry, ECG etc. with a doctor possessing M.B.B.S.,M.S.(eye),C.I.H. qualifications
  5. One day or two days of C.P.R. and First Aid Training with a certificate from Indian Red Cross Society or St. John’s Ambulance international or
  6. As above with a certificate from an agency which is approved by DISH
  7. One day or two days of personal C.P.R and First Aid Training with a certificate … Training followed by a questionnaire for post session evaluation of trainees. Also, a feedback form for more & more improvement in the quality and content of the subject….Providing a certificate on the spot or within 24 hours.
  8. Health educational programs (physical health) on topics like hypertension, diabetes, heart attack, health management, stroke etc. etc pl see the list..
  9. Mental Health educational programs like depression, anxiety, anger management, how to stay positive, how to remain happy, how to develop impressive personality etc..
  10. A Specially devised program on what, why of addiction. How to escape from or stay away from addiction.
  11. A Specially created program on what, why, when of stress generation. How to become free from stress? a novel and effective approach
  12. Help and suggest factories to perform C.S.R activities like blood donation, thalassemia awareness, anti-addiction campaign, eye checkup camp, diabetes checkup, dental check up, health check up, Cancer awareness, HIV awareness etc.


Dr. Tushar Vaishnav’s Health educational sessions

 Topics on Physical Health

  • Ideal weight maintenance: How? What? Why and How? Detailed useful information with calorie chart.
  • Diabetes: What? Why? When? How of diabetes? Let us not fear. Let us face it.
  • Hypertension: As above
  • Vitamin D deficiency: Why should we know about it ?why act in time when the deficiency is very common in community.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency as above.
  • Thyroid disorders:   What? When? How? How to manage? Importance of laboratory examination of TSH, T3 & T4 
  • Eyes:  Very important sense organs. How to protect them?
  • Eye numbers:    What? When? How? What is laser? How to get rid of contact lenses or spectacles? 
  • Vitamins and minerals, why we should know about them? 
  • Balanced diet, what? Why? How to ensure? Exercises? What? Why? When? How? Why they are essential? What are the benefits? 
  • Headache: What? Why? When? How to manage? 
  • Thalassemia:   Why know about it? How a simple blood test can prevent life of husband –wife from becoming painful & destructive and save the child from extreme agony & helplessness? 
  • Blood donation :  Why is it good for you? Why to know blood group? How & from where to acquire safe blood? What are the life threatening complications of receiving blood? 
  • Fevers: What? Why? When? How of fevers .why should we know the basics? Why various tests are done? 
  •  Tetanus:What? Why? When?   How it develops? Why should we take vaccines? What are the regimes? 
  • Backache:  What? When? How? What are the usual investigations advised?  What should be the approach? 
  • Anemia: What? Why?  When? How anemia develops? What is hemoglobin? Why we should know about it? How to increase this laboratory parameter? 
  • Ears: Very important organs .How to test hearing? What to do for deafness? How to manage deafness? What is NIHL (Noise induced hearing loss) How & why it should be prevented? 
  • Rabies (Hadakva) : Why should we act with extreme speed after a dog bite? What are the current injections (Vaccination)available ? How one can end up in isolation & horrible. 
  • Allergies: Even a honey bee bite can kill you! What ? Why ? How of allergies. How to  play safe? 
  • Constipation ; What? Why ? When? How?  How it can lead to very painful condition? 
  • Cancer : What, why & how ? How to stay away? What to do if occurs ? 
  • Depression ;What, why, when, How it develops? How to proceed? How to over come?