Kishor Kumar

Kishor Kumar

Dermatoglyphist, Soft Skills Trainer, Corporate Trainer, Out bound Trainer, Short Film Maker, Mind Programmer, Value Added Educator, Digital marketer.

About Faculty:
Kishor Dubey is a young, dynamic and versatile personality with 25 plus years of rich and varied experience in the industries like space selling, Insurance, Publication, education etc.

He has won 6 national awards for best film maker as an appreciation of his thinking and implementation. He is a digital marketer with sharp knowledge of promoting product and services online.

As dermatoglyphist he has analyzed over 3000 brains and counseled over 6000 individuals with the help of biometric system (Scientific way to know S.W.O.T. and CONFIGURATION OF BRAIN).

He is special trainer and counselor for GSEB, CBSE and IB board’s schools, management schools and AICTE approved engineering colleges. Moreover, he has delivered training sessions in companies like ING-Vyasya Life insurance, IOCL, INOX group, Divya Bhaskar Group, Birla Insulators, Transpek industries and many associations.

We strongly suggest arranging training program right from 3 hours to 3 days to survive, flourish and prosper in the current times of ever changing and competitive world.

1. Importance of Soft skills / Life Skills (I.Q gets you hired whereas E.Q helps you to GROW)
2. Change Management (Gavaskar / Sachin / Dhoni —- Shashi Kapoor / Amitabh—Fiat / Maruti)
3. Constructive and positive thinking (Belief system)
4. Mind Programming (Rewrite rules / Remove phobia/ Train to win)
5. Making and Using Affirmation in daily life (Re-program your super computer)
6. Positive and Constructive use of Internet ( Save your brain and time)
7. Multiplying Self-confidence (No look back / continuously accelerate )
8. Law of Attraction (Think and ask what you want / Don’t complain)
9. Sharing with friends (Real people / real world / come out from virtual world)
10. Time Management (Manage yourself and get more time)
11. Problems & Opportunities (Problem-Situation-Challenge- Opportunity)
12. Group Discussion (Point of view)
13. Grooming and personal hygiene ( First impression – why second chance)
14. Stress Management ( Balancing stress for better performance)
15. Nurturing leadership in you (Growth – responsibility and good habits)
16. Bring out the Speaker in you (Public speaking- Increase your impact)
17. Communication Skills (handle all situations cleverly)
18. Art of saying No with respect (Balancing relationship and responsibility)
19. Difference between Hobby and a Career (Don’t get lost in any of them)
20. Social Responsibility (Give back to the society – in easy steps)
21. Goal Setting: Be Future Ready (Get and give direction to your own life)
22. Neutralizing media effect (Don’t get influenced yet be updated)
23. Cultural Value (Nurture the real you)
24. Social Etiquette (Get noticed and respect)
25. Internet: Good, Bad and Ugly (Be aware and get control over before it controls you)
26. Healthy life style (Health is real wealth – easy daily steps to live and leave happy)
27. Expressing views and ideas (Be extrovert /add value /get rewards for intellectual properties)
28. Anger Management (Don’t hurt yourself)
29. Nurturing creativity (Think out of the box)
30. Attitude management (Attitude is 100 so let us not get out at 99)
31. Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts (Safety first)
32. Career & Character (Say what you do and do what you say)
33. Reel & Real life (Be practical / Change the role)
34. Virtual & real world (Be social and spare time with your family and friends and with yourself)
35. Science behind Traditions (Know the reason – Don’t just follow)