Garbhsanskar (Prenatal) Specialist


DMI Counselor

Corporate Trainer (Games)


M.Com. with Co-operation from M. S. University

Trained Dermatoglypic Multiple Intelligence Counselor

Diploma in Hospitality Management


About Priti

Priti is well educated and trained corporate trainer with practical experience of Dermatoglyphic multiple intelligence analysis.

She is also a very good Training Games executer. She has 10 years of teaching experience in few of the best schools in Gujarat.

She is passionate about adding value to society. Thus she is very much focused on subjects like Pre Natal, Garbhsanskar, Parenting, DMIT etc.

“Health is real wealth” She believes in this. She is effective trainer for weight loss programs, she has done hotel management course and also aware of quality food recipes and combinations, which ultimately help us to maintain excellent health.


Mastered in Topics like

Garbhsanskar (Pre natal and Post natal)


Games during the Corporate Training

Fitness Trainer

Meditation Trainer

Healthy Food Recipes

Weight Management Program

Counseling for Couples and Children